Wright & Teague

Power & Glory: seriously sexy jewellery

We love monochrome. Its graphic nature often acts as the perfect foilfor our work. A backdrop of black.

But sometimes you just need red. A vivid scarlet, the colour of life and joy. And gold at its boldest, alluring, uncompromising, glowing with a gentle force.

Alexandra wears our biggest French hoops in 18ct Fairtrade Gold and our largest Delphi ring, glittering with a lemon quartz. Teamed with our new, sensuous Sirena bangles, each utterly unique.

So hold the black, just for once. Reach for red and gold.

French Mega hoop earring · silver £400, 18ct Fairtrade Gold £2,500
Delphi ring with lemon quartz · 18ct Fairtrade Gold £2,400
Sirena bangles · 18ct Fairtrade Gold £1,200 (Available in strictly limited quantities)

6 & 6 — Six under £600

Frankincense & Myrrh: five gold rings

We don’t sell them. Nor partridges and pear trees. But if you are thinking about five gold rings, here they are. Also available singly.

Each of these is set with extraordinary gemstones, some precious, some supposedly semi. We don’t often work with stones, so when we do, they have to be special, whatever their size.

Each ring below is a one-off piece.

Ischia wide ring with rubies · £2,000
Tiny blood-red rubies. Life and joy.

Delphi ring with amethyst · £2,200
Brilliant-cut amethyst. Deepest purple.

Octet ring · £975
Eight rainbow jewels. The perfect pinky.

Delphi ring with pink sapphire · £4,400
Pear-shaped pink sapphire. Richest rose.

Delphi Trilogy ring with ruby heart · £2,750
Heart-shaped ruby flanked by pink sapphires.
Yesterday, today, tomorrow.

6 & 6 — Six under £600

6 & 6: six under £600

We tend to be fond of everything we create. Nothing gets made which we don’t both love - that’s the first rule. After that, choosing can be difficult for us.

So, for inspiration, we’ve pulled some of the pieces other people, collectors and stylists always tell us are the most powerful around. Loveliest to wear. Unlikely to live life in a box. And all under £600.

We love them. Just as much as we love everything else.

Gala bangles · £390
Six classic bangles, three round-edged, three square. Often a collector’s first ever piece from us

Iliad cuff · £325
Graceful and strong, the curving form bends to your wrist. Sizing is never a problem

Mystic bead bracelet · £575
Softly textured, each bead feels different to the next. The most popular bracelet ever made (by us at least).

Stud ring · £200
Gorgeously tactile. In small, medium and large to give men a look-in too

Jupiter bracelet with Vita · £275
Classic bracelet with signature Vita charm, Latin for life.

Bee pendant · £260
There may be other bees. Ours is the best. A memory of summer meadows.

Introducing Sirena

Songs & Shorelines: introducing Sirena

We have been exploring. As we love to do. Playing with ideas and images, metal and mythology. So here is Sirena. A sensuous bangle, fashioned by hand in 18ct Fairtrade Gold.

Each absolutely unique, no two the same. Like the subtle patterns left in the sand by a retreating wave, rhythmical yet irregular. Alluring, like a siren’s song.

We’re still perfecting other forms and pieces. For now, the Sirena bangle is available only in yellow gold and in rather limited quantities. Somewhere between a handful and an armful.

Sirena bangles · 18ct Fairtrade Gold £1,200 (Available in strictly limited quantities)

Mix & Play: add fire to ice

Precious metals should be mixed. Different forms and gemstones too. All our work is made by hand by us using the same ancient techniques. So each piece glows with the same soft lustre. And plays nicely with others.

So combine. Take a look at Solo, a small collection of bracelets and necklaces where we have added one element in gold. Solid – obviously. FairTrade – as always. Sunshine and snow for winter.

Or a Delphi Trilogy ring, where the apple green of peridots contrasts with the deep moss of tourmaline. Add our Bangarra ring with emeralds, glittering with cool fire.

Mix. And play. And treasure.

Alexandra wears:
Mneme major drop earrings · 18ct Fairtrade Gold £7000
Gaia trilogy necklace · silver £240, 18ct Fairtrade Gold £1550, Solo silver and gold £480
Mystic bead bracelet · silver £575, 18ct Fairtrade Gold £3900, Solo silver and gold £725
Pegasus ring · silver £200, 18ct Fairtrade Gold £1200
Bangarra ring with emerald · 18ct Fairtrade Goldd £2300
Delphi ring with green tourmaline · platinum £3200
Delphi Trilogy ring with peridot and green tourmaline · 18ct Fairtrade Gold £2,350
Corona ring with emeralds · 18ct Fairtrade Gold £975

All pieces available on-line or by appointment at our new atelier.
Write to studio@wrightandteague.com or call +44 (0)20 7033 0075 to book your visit.

Bold & Beautiful: the case for scale

Sometimes jewellery just needs to be big. To live up to a mood or a moment. Strong and sculptural. Heavy in the hand. Lyrical pieces which exploit the qualities of precious metal and what we do with it. Simple yet major.

Two to think about. Alexandra wears the Cybele pendant. A glorious disc of hand-hammered silver pierced by a delicate chain, Cybele glimmers like a full moon (other planetary sizes are available).

And the Mali ring. A graphic form softened, its surfaces acquire a gentle patination over time. As our design becomes your treasure.

Possibly not for every day. But then why should every day be everyday anyway?

Alexandra wears:
Iliad choker · silver £700, yellow or rose 18ct Fairtrade Gold £3,250
Cybele pendant · silver £360, yellow or rose 18ct Fairtrade Gold £4,350
Zambesi ring · silver £400, yellow or rose 18ct Fairtrade Gold £2,250
Iliad rings · silver £75~£100 each, yellow or rose 18ct Fairtrade Gold £300~£400
Mali ring · silver £475, yellow or rose 18ct Fairtrade Gold £3,800

All pieces available on-line or by appointment here at our new atelier.

The decadent Kiss collar, and the Big Kiss and Little Kiss earrings The decadent Kiss collar features eight-seven hand-made gold kisses The Big Kiss and Little Kiss earrings

A new campaign

The images showcase a total of 37 hand-made jewels by Wright & Teague in silver and 18ct FairTrade gold. The campaign was created in close collaboration with the renowned fashion stylist and photographer Damian Foxe, and features model Alexandra Martynova.

“We believe these images distil the essence of our beliefs and ambitions as artist-makers. To create jewellery which is both timeless and effortless. Deeply glamorous pieces inspired by ancient myths and techniques alike. Sculptural in their simplicity, yet soft and intimate in the wearing.” Sheila Teague

“It’s rare to find jewellery designers with such confidence and consistency in their aesthetic. The images we have created together have a calmness, a presence which I think is their trademark.” Damian Foxe

Gary and Sheila in their new atelier

Nice & Easy: our new atelier

We are delighted to announce our new atelier is up and running. A wonderful light-filled warehouse in Shoreditch where we now design and make every single piece by hand, as ever.

Open by appointment only, our studio gives us the chance to show you exactly how and why we do what we do. You can see the workshop and the tools of our trade. Explore our entire collection in complete privacy - the space and the time is yours alone. Touch and try any piece, right here where it has been created. Examine, up close and personal, our craft and our inspirations. The story behind the story.

We are now taking appointments on an exclusive basis from now until the end of the year. Call us on 020 7033 0075 or email studio@wrightandteague.com to let us know when you would like to visit us. Do bring your friends.

It will be very different to shopping in the West End. But then that’s rather the point.

—— Gary & Sheila

Visit our website at wrightandteague.com
Email studio@wrightandteague.com or call 020 7033 0075.