Wright & Teague

Creativity in the Bronze Age

CinBA - Creativity in the Bronze Age : A Response

Sheila Teague and Gary Wright joined a group of artists, universities and museums including Cambridge, Southampton, Copenhagen, Vienna, Zagreb and Százhalombatta in a pan-European collaborative research project, CinBA, to explore and respond to creativity during the Bronze Age. This archeological enquiry culminated at the CinBA conference at University of Cambridge together with an exhibition at Cambridge Museum of Archeology and Anthropology and later at Wiltshire Heritage Museum, Devizes.


For our response an Odyssey has been imagined across a Bronze Age world from Britain through Europe to the Middle East.

Beginning with only a gold sycamore staff as a connection with home our traveller creates a memento of each unfamiliar culture visited. Channeling the emotive power of smell to evoke memories of places, people and experiences, aluminium vessels hold wax impregnated with iconic and indigenous fragrance from significant points on the journey.

This body of work is a metaphor for memory, as embedded in both objects and in the mind; our most precious asset. It is a diary of the journey, becoming an amulet. It relates time to place, and pre-history with the present to show mans’ continuing search for connection with the wider world.

Staff: 24carat gold on sycamore
Vessels: Aluminium, wax, fragrance - Amber, Pine, Fig, Frankincense/Myrrh, Iris

29 April - 30 June 2013
Cambridge Museum of Archeology and Anthropology

6 July - 6 October 2013
Wiltshire Heritage Museum, Devizes