Wright & Teague


Pleiades collar for World Gold Council

Commissioned for Gold: Power and Allure at Goldsmiths Hall, 1 June - 28 July 2012

Inspired by a gold Lunula dated 2,500BC, Gary Wright and Sheila Teague created the Pleiades collars, referencing the idea of a leaf wrapped around the body, reflective of mans’ continuing desire to adorn themselves with the most precious materials available. Each collar is engraved with a stanza from Wordsworth and with symbols significant to Gary and Sheila’s life and philosophy. The piece represents power and peace; a strong and vigorous metaphor for energy and harmony.

William Wordsworth
...with an eye made quiet by the power
Of harmony, and the deep power of joy,
We see into the life of things.


Star Representing the five continents --global reach. The elements of earth,air, fire, water, spirit.

Sun All known early religions had a sun god. Recognised as the giver of life.

Hand Universal sign of protection, deflecting misfortune Apotropaic magic, common to all monotheist religions, Hand of Fatima, hand of Mary, hand of Miriam, Buddha"s hand. Good luck charm Blessings, power, strength.

Zodiac Taurus to represent Gary and Sheila’s birth sign; faith, endurance, strong willed.

Branch Olive branch symbolising peace and forgiveness.

Eye Good luck charm to ward off curses, malevolent eye to reflect back envy.

Flower A Wright & Teague signature symbol. Gerbera: cheerfulness. Sunflower: pure thoughts, dedicated love, lift spirits.

Significance of 7 Days of the week, musical notes, directions (left, right, up, down, forward, backwards, centre), colours of the rainbow. Visible planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Mood, Sun. Represents completion, totality, purity.

The Pleiades constellation, the Seven Sisters, was known to Bronze Age people.